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Psychiatrist and Author of Encountering Treatment Resistance, Rational Psychopharmacology & Rollercoaster

Encountering Treatment Resistance

Solutions Through Reconceptualization

Recent studies suggest that anywhere from 20% to as much as 60% of psychiatric diagnoses are eventually labeled as treatment resistant...

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Split Personality: Common Misperceptions about Mental Health and Mental Illness

In this series we have been reviewing commonly held ideas about mental illness and mental health that, outside of psychiatry, are often...

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Violence and the Mentally Ill: Common Misperceptions about Mental Health and Mental Illness

Are people with mental illnesses more violent than those without them? Many state legislatures have recently acted on the idea that they...

Latest Articles and Media

May 13, 2024

It Stands to Reason: Unlocking Success for Treating Patients

“Thinking about how we think” helps develop a logical progression of treatment options and increases our chances of success, rather than unconsciously submitting to the irrational distortions of probability that our minds are prone to rely on.

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