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Rational Psychopharmacology

A Book of Clinical Skills

The first book of its kind, Rational Psychopharmacology: A Book of Clinical Skills is designed to advance the reader’s clinical knowledge, methodical assessment expertise, and diagnostic sophistication. Unlike other psychopharmacology books, this guide transcends lists and tables of dosages and side effects, instructing the reader in the reasoning that undergirds treatment decisions. Residents, trainees, students and practicing clinicians will learn not only which medicines are available and what their characteristics are, but also how to think systematically about both current research and patient assessment, addressing
weaknesses in practice style and resulting in more effective treatment strategies. 
Offering fresh, evidence-based approaches to clinical dilemmas, this work also contains pedagogical features designed to teach and test the reader, as well as suggestions for additional study. It is a clinical companion for mastering and practicing the art of psychopharmacology.

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